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When making a booking, I come with equipment thats meet the status quo.

With this equipment, I push the boundaries higher and higher.

Here you'll find a list of the equipment I use for this.

Feel free to book me.

Sound bag

Compact full-featured sound bag, with Peli follow case. Qualifies as carry-on luggage for flying. Mono or split track mix, labeled Iso tracks and sound report are delivered on SD card.

  • Sound Devices 833 Mixer / Time-coded recorder mix and Iso's

  • Cable feed to camera

  • Boom mic (Sennheiser MKH416, MKH8060, MKH50) interior & exterior suspension (wind protection)

  • Handheld mic (Sennheiser e945)

  • Boompoles (AmbientQP580, AmbientQP5150)

  • 1x radiomic channel - expandable to 8 (Wisycom mtp41, mtp60)

  • lav. mics (Sanken Coss-11, Countryman B3[waterproof])

  • Headphones & earpieces

  • Smart batteries and AA for Wireless

  • Rushes delivered on SD

  • Wireless reference sound for camera

  • Ambient Nanolockit Timecode - 4 available

  • sennheiser IEM system - 2 production listens available


  • Bodyrecorder - 4 available (Wisycom mtp60)

  • Zoom H3-VR

  • Zoom H5 - 4 channel sound recorder

Sound Bag
MKH 50
Ursa Straps


Compact static mixing console for live events, streaming and studio, with Dante card. Can be placed in the control room, in the recording studio, on the side of the stage and in Front of House. Without taking up much space.

  • Midas M32R - 32 channel mix console with Dante card

  • DL32 - 32 in, 16 out stagebox, 50m Ethercon cable


  • Shure sm58

  • Shure sm57

  • Shure 52A

  • Sennheiser e602

  • Sennheiser e604

  • Sennheiser e609

  • Sennheiser e612

  • Sennheiser e945

  • Sennheiser MKH416 (Audience micro)

Speakers & monitors

  • B hype 8


  • BSS AR-133 DI box

  • Behringer DI20


  • Ambient Nanolockit Timecode - 4 available

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