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Inoti Bruneel

Production sound mixer

Boom operator

Front of House mixer

Monitor mixer

Not Sound | +32 (0)476 48 46 41 |

I am Inoti and ceo of Not Sound. Why the name Not Sound? To dot the i's and cross the t's. We don't do that. Making i's and keeping t's. Thats what we do!

In the past years, I have refined skills by having an ear for sound with emotional value for people. I achieve this with audio tools that naturally reproduces the sound spectrum of the human hearing.

With both feet in the audiovisual industrie, I specialize in sound for reality, documentary, fiction and music. Do you want to make sound the heart of your production?

  • 6 years of experience in the audio landscape.

  • Sound bag for documentary and reality, packed and ready to fly.

  • Midas M32R for live, streaming and studio.

  • Member of Zelfstandigen in de audiovisuele sector - ZIDAS

  • Driver's license B & A2

  • International passport.


Several projects I contributed to.


Sound Bag

Compact equipped sound bag with peli follow case. Falls under carry-on luggage for aireplane flights. Ideal for reality, documentary and fiction productions.


Stationary mixing console for live events, streaming, and studio productions, equipped with Dante card. Without taking up much space placed in control rooms, recording studios, side of the stage and Front of House. 


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